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Tuesday Shawwal 7, 1445 H April 16, 2024 CE 11:34:24 Mecca Time 511,978 days since Hijra

We take your privacy seriously and consider it to be VERY important to us.

We absolutely DO NOT:

  • Collect any sensitive personal data about our users.
  • Abuse your information in any way or shape.
  • Give, provide, furnish, make available, or sell any information about our users.
  • Track users.
  • Use third party tracking.
  • Display advertisements.
  • Every single page is completely served from our servers.
  • We will not access a third party site without your consent (read the the dialog box before proceeding with "Detect my location")

The only information we have is information provided by you during registration (creation of a user account), which is a name, user ID and eMail address, you can provide whatever you like and doesn't have to be accurate or personal; the only condition we care about is a unique user ID and a valid eMail address. eMail addresses is only used for announcements of new features or updates to services of this site.

We may collect information related to your activity during the use of the site and the services (e.g. access date and time, IP address, cookies, browser identification information (see cookies section bellow)), it is used for debugging and anonymous statistical purposes to assess site performance and in order to secure user accounts integrity.

External sites resources:

When utilizing third-party services, you will be promoted with information and these resources will not be accessed without your approval and consent. We use third-party sites to acquire longitude, latitude and altitude of your location in order to produce Salat time's table. When you click on "Detect my location", you will see a dialog box, DO NOT click without reading the dialog as shown beneath, we will not use these sites unless you click OK and give your consent.
These services are not accurate and we use them for people with no access to a GPS, for best results, use a GPS and manually enter your location information.
Your location data will not be stored in a cookie. Detect my location alert

Session Cookie:

We use a session cookie to identify a session to be able to securely serve pages; the cookie value is a random string and contains no information personal or otherwise to identify a user or a computer, it expires at the end of a session, or when the web browser is closed. Your browser should delete it once it expires or the web browser is closed.

The session cookie expires in 30 minutes, and looks like so:


You can disable this from within your browser configuration, but be warned some features on this site may not be available to you, and you will experience difficulties using this site.

Persistent Cookie:

We use a persistent cookie to store some of your preferences, in order to help you remember where you left off when you come back to the site, as in; last viewed Surah, reciter, page number, Juzu number…
It is only useful if you are not logged in.
You can disable this from preferences pages.

The data stored in this cookie is not encrypted or obfuscated, it is plain text and looks like so:


They are tokens separated by a "|" and refer to your preferences, for example:
  • ar : indicates the selection of Arabic as a primary language.
  • Classic2C : indicates the selection of 2 column Look and feel.
  • EclipseFlat : the Bluish Style is selected
  • 1701 : Sheikh Abdul Basit is the reciter.
  • 452 : Page number 452 is the last paged viewed.
  • 18: Reading Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave) number 18.
  • 16: Reading Juzu number 16.
If really interested, these values can be found by looking at the HTML code!

-∞ - +∞ Knowledge and science pertain solely to Allah, the All-Pervading One, the Vast, the All-Embracing, and the Knowledgeable Almighty. No one can intercede within his knowledge. All praise to Allah first and foremost and final, for not adding or diminishing certainty from his knowledge, the Omnipotent.